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I’m Z, a therapist and empowerment coach. A client once told to me this story. She said, when I come to you it’s like I’m sitting alone in a dark room and then you turn on the light and shine it on different things so I can see clearly and am motivated to change.

In most of the work that I do, I see smart, articulate, loving people who are struggling in some area of their life. Something in their life is not on track and it’s throwing everything off and causing a lot of discomfort.

They have trouble trusting themselves and have fear, anger, sadness, or anxiety.

They will often check out of their lives with various addictions, compulsive behaviors, or toxic relationships.

They want peace, love, relief, and happiness. They want to feel good about themselves and feel connected to their purpose.  

They might have tried self-help books, reading articles, willpower, positive thinking, listening to podcasts, meditation, or spiritual retreats. Although these things are all great, they might feel good for a little bit but the feeling doesn’t last and it doesn’t create a permanent change. In the end, people get frustrated and go back to the old pattern.

These things don’t work as well as they could because often they address the person’s cognition and logic, but they’re missing the one critical piece.

Many methods attempt to integrate a person by focusing on the external problems or goals. But to really free and integrate people we must make their bodies a safe place to live.

This was the thing I didn’t know for years in my personal story, and once I figured it out my entire life changed for the better.

This is where I come in.

Through talk and exercises, we will expand your connection with yourself, in both mind and body, making your body a safe, trusting place to be. It’s like getting your mind and body in the same room and having them be friends for the first time. Everything is so much easier when all parts of us are friends. Only then, does permanent change unfold and you can have the life you’ve been waiting for.

Coach with Z:

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