Eating Disorder Recovery: What an Imperfect Health Care System Taught Me

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Eating Disorder Recovery: What an Imperfect Health Care System Taught Me
By Z Zoccolante

Eight years in I knew I needed help for my eating disorder, but I was still trying to convince myself I’d get better on my own. I’d like to say I chose to go to the hospital because I had faith in recovery and made a healthy choice. But the truth is often different from surface appearance.


After coming home in constant fear that he’d find me dead, my husband finally told me if I didn’t get help he couldn’t be married to me anymore. A part of me had been watching.

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I’d turned a happy-go-lucky songbird into one that was frazzled and fraught with the stress of me. Having killed his song, I watched his steady progression into depression, anger, and apathy. He was detaching from me to save himself, but it was my fault he’d become this in the first place. I’d forced him to keep my secret and promised I’d get better.

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