Contrast Show Us What We Love

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Contrast Shows Us What We Love
By Z Zoccolante

Once upon a time I repeated the mantra – This is temporary. Everything is temporary. 

Nothing lasts forever. My brother calls this the happy sadness, how even the best feelings in life pass with the wind, leaving us back in the present moment and whatever that brings. 

Contrast is a part of life and it shows us what we value. It helps us fine tune the things that we desire moving forward. 

In this way, everything in life is a learning experience. Everything in life can be used for our growth and betterment – to teach us, show us, allow us to experience good and bad. 

When we’re sick, we realize how much we appreciate our health. When we have a bad break up, we realize how we value certain relationship qualities. Everything teaches us. 

My best friend and I have a joke we share. When something kind of crappy happens we say to each other with love, “Yay. How awesome. What a great opportunity.” 

At certain points life circumstances don’t feel like a great opportunity. Sometimes we want to say FU life or people in it. But when we take a step back, it’s often the difficult moments that shape our character. 

Recently I’ve been on an adventure that hasn’t gone the way I thought it would in my head. 

Because of that I have grown tremendously in the things that I see, know, react to, appreciate, and the path I will shift my life when I return home. 

I appreciate my house and roommates, my car that allows me freedom, and my neighborhood that I can walk around. I appreciate my huge brown couch and TV shows and being able to cook for myself. I appreciate my cozy room and my warm cuddly dog. I appreciate the female friendships I’ve cultivated in the last few years. I appreciate that these last few years that have taught me who I am and who I want to be. It’s taught me what I want as far as relationship and connection, how I want to be treated and the respect that I peacefully demand. It’s taught me how to walk away from things that don’t serve me and how not to linger. 

I have learned that integrity is everything, that the way you treat people matters, and speaking to others in their love language allows them to feel cared for and appreciated. 

On my current adventure there have been many stressful things yet in the midst of them there are also beautiful gems – people that make my heart smile, open mouthed delirious laughter so giggly and expansive, strobe lights shooting through the dark after midnight catching the glimpse of falling snow. Strange summer camp feelings, watching crushes and connection, observing choices we make. It’s realizing that I’m different than I used to be and that I love this person that trial, tribulation, and joy has morphed of me. 

In the midst of chaos is a contrast so strong it’s impossible to avoid. This is where we learn, if we choose to. 

And I say yes. Everything is for my ultimate benefit and I’m excited to see how the future will go. 

If you’re facing stress or chaos the same is true. What is there for you to learn? How can you grow? What are the things you can take away with you after the fire and pressure combines in the perfect diamond storm?

Contrast shows us what we love, what we desire, what we truly appreciate and value.

With Love,

Z :) 

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