How To Take Back Your Power

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How To Take Back Your Power
By Z Zoccolante

How many times today have you given your power away? We do it all the time – when we wait for someone else to make a decision or to give us answers so then we can know what to do with our lives.

We do it when we allow someone’s behavior to throw us off kilter. We do it when we say yes when we mean no, or when we don’t show up in our authentic selves because of some past story or fear.

In my NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing) training there’s a term that states that we want to be “at cause” for our lives. The two sides of the coin are cause and effect. Let’s picture them like little chess pawns.

When we’re standing in the effect pawn in our lives the language might look like, “Why is this happening to me? Why is x taking so long to answer?”, etc. Being at effect means that things happen to us. This place is full of reasons and excuses about why things didn’t happen or why life isn’t going the way that we’d like.

When we’re standing in the cause pawn it means that we take responsibility for the things in our life and that we claim our own power in them.

Being at cause means that we are focused on results instead of excuses.

Carl Jung said that we live in a subjective reality and that we can change it. This change is possible because we see the world as we are.

Example: Let’s say you’re walking to an interview in a new business shirt when a bird poops on you. This would probably cause a high level of stress and some frantic energy. However, let’s say that your mom had passed away recently and one of your childhood memories was of your family at the zoo getting pooped on by a bird and laughing about it.

This simple change of perspective changes that event.

You might wash your shirt laughing, thinking of your mom and maybe even tell the interviewer the funny story about it.

Let’s take it a step further. Most of us wait for periods of time in our lives. We’ve all had the experience of wanting to know the answer to something and having to wait on someone else to tell us. I’m currently waiting for some funding to go through so I can plan a business/fun adventure a few weeks from now.

This waiting can feel like a helpless period of time where we give all our power away to the persons behind the curtain who we think holds our future.

But if we dig down, if we are at cause for our lives then we create everything around us.

We create the pieces to fall into place because of how amazing it feels to have it be fulfilled. And then even if a hiccup happens we don’t miss a step because we are certain that there is something much better for us instead.

All of us have usually had one experience where we’ve seen this in our lives. We’ve had something go awry and for some reason it didn’t bother us, and then like magic something better showed up right after.

Being at cause for our lives is recognizing our true power – that we do live in worlds of our own making and we have the power to create.

Forward Locomotion:

  • If you’ve noticed that you give your power away, practice lovingly taking it back.
  • This week let’s practice claiming that “I am x”. Peaceful. Powerful. Creative. Abundant, etc.
  • Get into how lovely it feels for you and how much you radiate by being this way.

When we are at cause, we create our world and that is powerful!

With Love,
Z :)