The Importance of Shifting Your Emotions

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The Importance of Shifting Your Emotions
By Z Zoccolante


When I was a kid we learned about particles in school. We were taught that when we get down to the matter our desk is nothing but vibrating molecules buzzing in space. We just happen to see it as a concrete shape that we can feel and touch, and our hand doesn’t go right through.


If everything is vibration shaking through space like a Tahitian dance party, then we are energy. We are vibration and everything in this world emits energy.


We’ve all heard the “like goes to like” pattern of attraction. Misery loves company, etc. or how we gravitate towards what’s familiar.


Emotions hold energy and they can be either positive or negative. The higher the scale of energetic power people seek us out because we give energy to them. The lower on the scale people will avoid us because we take energy from them.


This is the scale from highest to lowest vibration:



Courage and above vibrates at a positive energy. Anything below courage vibrates at a negative energy.


The goal of knowing this scale is simple – to shift upwards to a higher vibration.


Many of us that are caught in addiction vibrate in guilt and shame – in feelings of worthlessness, self-sabotage, self-rejection, and punishment or cruelty towards ourselves and others. This is a place that one can feel stuck and cycle in the mud.


If we look at the scale of emotion, the goal is to shift to something higher. Let’s say that we are in shame. To shift to joy might be too large of a jump right now, but maybe we can shift to grief instead. If we are in fear, perhaps we can switch to anger, which can give us the fire to do something different in our lives.


If you can’t shift a lot then shift what you can where you can.


If you’re having a terrible day or feeling blah find something to shift your vibration.


Maybe you listen to music, dance, take a nature walk, play a game on your phone, read a book, cook something, watch an episode of TV, play with your pet or your kids, take a hot bath, call a friend, laugh.


The point is to do one simple thing, anything, to shift energies. Sometimes that one thing can make all the difference. Sometimes then we can come back to whatever issue we’re facing with clear eyes.


Last, there was a great piece of info I was reminded of today. You do not have to respond to people who drain you. I had someone tell me that they have people saying to them, “Where have you been. I’ve been calling you all day?”


The person simply thinks to themselves, “Yeah, I didn’t pick up on purpose because I’m not ready to talk to you.”


I was reminded that if we are not taking care of ourselves then there is no way we are going to be able to love, support, care for anyone else.


You are the most important person in your life. Love and take care of yourself so that you can also love and take care of those around you.


The Importance of Shifting Your Emotions


With Love,

Z :)