My Eating Disordered Past

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My Eating Disordered Past
By Z Zoccolante
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This week a stranger thanked me for sharing my eating disorder struggle because, “Eating disorders are common and not a lot of people talk about them.”


Although communities and organizations exist for these things, the vast majority of people don’t openly discuss eating disorders, mental health, or addiction. There’s a lack of information, discomfort, or fear of the unknown.


This is why I openly share. Secrets that fester in silence destroy us all. Knowledge and understanding help us recover, allow others to support us, and lead to greater compassion.


So here’s the deal. I promise to be honest. I promise it to give it to you clean, raw, and with love.


In my effort to share and pass on the freedom of recovery, I’ll be writing about eating disorders and recovery for the “Surviving ED” community at Healthy Place. The site provides information and support for various mental health concerns. Check out my first post and video for Healthy Place below.


For 11 years I had a best friend who never left. She was even in my dreams. She promised me that I’d be happy and I’d have everything I wanted, if I was just a little thinner. She lied.

READ MORE and watch the video.



Forward Locomotion:

If you or someone you love struggles with an eating disorder, know that recovery is possible. You don’t have to live like this forever. Begin by sharing your secret with someone safe. Then, I highly recommend finding a licensed therapist who specializes in eating disorders. Read this handy, step-by-step guide on: How to Find a Therapist You Love.

Stay hopeful. Keep moving towards recovery. You can do this.

My Eating Disordered Past


With Love,
Z :)

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