Recover in Community to Heal Eating Disorders, Addictions

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Recover in Community to Heal Eating Disorders, Addictions
By Z Zoccolante
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We recover in community. We may think that our eating disorders, or addictions, separate us from others. We may think that no one understands, that we’re unique in our “specialness,” or our suffering. Then we enter therapy, a facility, or a group, and we begin to see that we’re not as unique as we thought.


Our “special” form of suffering is shared by others, and guess what, they understand us. They don’t just try to listen and sympathize. They actually understand us because they’ve gone through the same things. One of the key factors in eating disorder recovery is connection to others, because we recover in community. Here’s three ways to connect in recovery. (Read the rest)


With Love,

Z :)

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