The Importance of Art in Recovery – Guest Blog

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The Importance of Art in Recovery
– Guest Blog from Lilac Sheer

Aloha friends. Today’s guest blog comes from Lilac Sheer, a singer-songwriter whose personal story includes recovery from anorexia and bulimia. During her teens, art therapy and music provided her a place of solace and hope. Art enables us to make something beautiful out of pain. It gives us a light to hold onto during the darkness. I encourage you to include some form of art therapy in your recovery. For today, please enjoy Lilac’s beautiful video creation “Ana”.


A Note From Lilac:

My name is Lilac Sheer, a singer-songwriter.

Through my interaction with anorexia victims, I have learned of a common infatuation with the art of Japanese Manga, which some may claim promotes ED. These days, when kids as young as 6-7 are being diagnosed with eating disorders, I see animation as a tool for bringing this difficult subject forward in a more relatable way on one hand, yet a non sugar-coated, non apologetic manner on the other, while reaching out using the same art form they adore, in a productive way.

The folow-up video ‘Ana – Behind the scenes’ reveals my own personal story, having gone through Anorexia, Bulimia, Exercise Bulimia, IBS, and more.



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