The Stick Figure War

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In college my roommates and I used to leave each other little dry erase notes on the huge bathroom mirror above the sinks. You know friendly reminders like:

  • Please take out the trash.
  • Please wash your multiple dishes there is no room in the sink for me to wash my one dish.dirty-197_640
  • FYI I ate the last of your spinach. I’ll buy you more. (Note: The spinach was going to be my dinner and I was the only one who didn’t have a car)
  • Remove your moldy bread from the cabinet ASAP or it will end up on your bed.
  • Whoever is using my razor. DON’T!

(Note: I admit this one was me, the one who used the razor that is. But in my defense winter had just ended and no one shaves their legs during winter) . . . Annnyways . . .


We also left each other loving notes, fun quotes, and weekly hilarious things that one of us made the mistake of saying out loud. “Go write that on the mirror immediately,” we’d laugh pointing to the bathroom.


Later, when I got married, I kept up the tradition of mirror writing. My best friend and I also adopted a further concept, turning a full-length mirror sidewards on the wall and filling it with current affirmations for our lives. (Yes, I say sidewards instead of sideways. I didn’t mistype)


One night I drew a stick figure on the bathroom mirror for my husband to see when he woke up. (I’m not a great drawer so I stay with the stick figures) Well, when I woke up he was gone for work and I noticed that he’d added another stick figure holding mine at gunpoint. (Because I always loving joke with him that I’m going to kill him. I admit this looks weird written down but I promise I use it lovingly and as a sign of affection)


stickman-151355_150And that was how the stick figure war star. At random each of us would add onto the picture trying to rearrange the stick figures in our favor. Finally, after about a week of this, the mirror was so convoluted that we couldn’t see to use it as a mirror anymore. We called a truce and erased it but a game had been born and progressed from then on with more elaborate scenarios.


We were in the moving process for a while (moving from Hawaii to LA) so the stick war was at a cease fire for the time being. BUT THEN . . . last night as my husband lay asleep in bed I turned on the light to brush my teeth and found this little piece: (Click on the images to enlarge them)

Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 4.55.46 PMScreen Shot 2013-12-18 at 4.55.22 PM

I cracked up and then heard him laughing from the bedroom, which means he was secretly waiting for me to find it. He’s the best. Game on . . .

With love,

Z :)

P.S. I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend you google “notes to roommates” immediately.


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    This is slightly twisted and really, really funny.

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    • christenzzoccolante

      A perfect balance then :)

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