The Things We Really Want

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The Things We Really Want
By Z Zoccolante


Truth. 95% of the things we do are from the part of our brain that is subconscious. What this means is that only 5% of the ways in which we operate in the world is from a conscious place.


I tell people it’s like this. Unless you live under a rock you’ve seen Titanic. At some point, we’ve all seen the iceberg, which has a tiny pyramid top sticking up above the water. What the Titanic didn’t see was the massive block of ice underneath the water that was WAAAAAY bigger.


This is like our brain. The 5% is the tiny pyramid top and the 95% is the rest of the iceberg under the water waiting to possibly sink our ship.


We’ve all been attracted to a person who is toxic for us in some way and maybe we haven’t been able to exit the relationship for a while as though there was a honey glob that always pulled us back in.


Finally, when we leave, we look back and think, what the heck was wrong with me that I kept getting sucked back into that nightmare.


The answer is the 95%.


Let’s say that we have a belief that we are worthless, or somehow unworthy of love. The brain has little soldiers that say, “Great! We are worthless and unworthy of love.” Then they run into the world and like good soldiers they find everything they can to make that belief true.


If you sent out a solider with the mission,
1) “I am worthless” and

2) “I’m unlovable”,

and they returned with an amazing friend who thought you were fantastic and a relationship that was peaceful and wonderful, the brain would say,


Um, go back to the mission! You were supposed to find 1 and 2!


Most of the things we do are from a subconscious place, which is why we may be able to say, “Yes I am worthy and loved,” oud loud and part of us believes it, but deep down our subconscious says, “Nope.”


So, if you’re creating things in your life that you think you don’t want . . . Maybe you want to be in control of your time but you keep creating things to distract you from having person free time…


Or if you seem to be attracting the same junk relationship, friendships, or bosses, the same work environments or living situations etc., it’s probably your soldiers doing their work.


They haven’t got the message yet that about how you are loved or respected or free, peaceful, or relieved.


The subconscious needs the message.




Here’s how. One easy way that everyone can do is to repeat affirmations. However, people do this incorrectly.


For example, if someone is saying, “I love my body!” But every time they say that it makes them feel crappy, then stop saying that affirmation.


Or say “I love money!” and every time they it they think of how poor they are, etc.


If your mind is going to the lack of it. You need to adjust.


Find something that you can believe, even if it’s a little. For example, it might be “my body helps me move”, or “I am grateful for my body”.


If that’s still a stretch then I like to incorporate what I call Please God Please Prayers, which is something that I picked up from a spiritual writer Tosha Silver.


I would say, “Please God please create space for me to love my body.” Or “Please God please make my body a place I can love.”


Whatever feels best to you, but it has to be something that your brain doesn’t immediately kick out. That’s the sweet spot. Your brain can breathe it in.


There are a lot of therapy models that work with the unconscious mind, but this is one simple thing that anyone can do anywhere and all it takes is you.


And the results can be profound, because instead of you having to do it on your own you open up space for someone, something, some energy, God, whatever you want to call it to step in and help rearrange things.


Try it this week. Repeat it and feel good when you say it.


The things we really want are all inside of us waiting for us to bring them forth.


The Things We Really Want

With Love,

Z :)