The Way We Shine

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The Way We Shine
By Z Zoccolante


What stops us from having the things we desire? Perhaps it lies in us thinking that it’s impossible, that we are not able to have the dreams of our hearts, the things that light us up.


We get stuck in the quicksand of us. Some of past experience has hurt us or made us want to live smaller than we know we are capable of. If we don’t try we can’t fail right? But the downside is that we also never live.


This is not a new concept but the world is made of energy. Have any of you ever had such a strong emotion that it caused electronics to go bizarre around you? I once knew a woman who’s couldn’t keep a watch ticking on her wrist during her pregnancy. I once knew a man who was so angry that he broke a glass light bulb as he sat five feet from it.


We are made up of vibration and energy.


The reason we want to be around certain people, especially famous people, is because they have a high vibration. They may not even say that many words but we feel better being in their presence because our energy attunes up to the higher vibration.


This is how life works. We vibe with people, and one of us either lifts to join the other or gets pulled down. If we can vibe the same we could be friends, in relationships, or partners for life.


When we live small because we are afraid of us being hurt, our vibration is dull and small. But we are here to do great things. And we are here to love big and to be a high vibration in the world.


What often keeps us stuck is thinking about the “I” instead of the “we”. If I don’t live my life full and carry out my purpose and gifts then so many other people will not be able to benefit from my high vibe. By keeping ourselves small we are focusing on the “I” instead of how living our greatest lives is actually doing a service to all of life everywhere.


There’s a saying by Maya Angelou that I’ve always liked that goes like this, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel.”


We all know the truth in that statement and can name people that made us feel as though we could shine.



When we shine in our purpose it gives others permission to shine in theirs. When we shine, we allow others to attune to that shine. It naturally connects with the parts of us all that are beautiful, and good, and brings the sparkle to the surface.


When we shine, it lifts the vibe of earth.


We remember those people who gave us that feeling, who reminded us that if we cut away all the other crap, we are nothing but beautiful, warm, glowing shine.


Be a shiny person.


The Way We Shine

With Love,