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I’m passionate about empowering and inspiring others and I’d be happy to work with you for an event. I currently feature the workshops listed below, and am able to adjust content to fit your group’s or community’s needs. I’ve spoken at high schools, eating disorder recovery group meetings, and treatment facilities and would love to be a part of your library events, bookstore signings, etc. What’s your need? Let’s get creative.

You can contact me here. I LOVE meeting others who are doing great healing and helping work in the world.


Featured Workshops/Presentations:

Workshop: The Power of Your Own Path

This workshop empowers people with tools, clarity, and focus as they follow their personal paths. Whether you’re unsure about your life path, or frustrated because you waste energy comparing yourself to others success, this workshop is a welcomed retreat. It will teach you how to maintain your power and have the energy to move forward with your goals.

Through the use of stories and questions, you will discover how to switch the focus from external comparison and learn simple and effective ways to be authentically happy for others’ success.


Presentation: What’s the Skinny? An Eating Disordered Q&A

Are you a parent, teacher, friend, or loved one who doesn’t know exactly what eating disorders are all about? Information is power. If you know the signs, then you may be able to help someone before they fall down the rabbit hole.

Right now 30 million Americans have eating disorders, but only 1 out of every 10 people get proper treatment. Eating disorders, which affect men and women, have the highest death rate of any mental illness.

This presentation is geared to assist anyone who is in the dark about eating disorders. It will give an overview of the main types of eating disorders, describe how to approach someone you think has an eating disorder, and give a brief overview of my personal experience with my eating disorders. You will be provided with a small, location-dependent list of reference books and available resources. An open Q&A will allow you to raise specific questions at the conclusion of the presentation.


Presentation: Sharing the Secret

Eating disorders are tenacious because they have a while to take root. This seminar is my firsthand experience of what I learned through my struggle with anorexia and bulimia and the importance of sharing the secret.


Presentation: The Word Skinny: A Woman’s Guide to Health and Peace of Mind

This presentation covers the twelve most important lessons I learned during recovery and how they can directly help you to love your body and attain peace of mind.


Presentation: 3 Easy Ways to Avoid the Stress of Holiday Sweets

An inspirational annual holiday talk, around food and body image, this lesson provides 3 easy ways to experience freedom when tempted by desserts and overeating.


Other Possible Presentation Topics:

  • Evolution of a Novel
  • Are You a Writer If You’re Not Paid to Write?
  • Why Doing “the Work” is Vital
  • Love, Hate, and God
  • How to Find a Therapist you Love
  • Storytime: A Reading of One or More Short Stories Plus Optional Discussion