4 Ways to Stay Motivated Through Physical Pain

Posted By on Jun 9, 2015 | 2 comments

4 Ways to Stay Motivated Through Physical Pain
by Z Zoccolante
(first published on Peaceful Dumpling)


A few years ago, I tracked my headaches for 30 days in a row. They’d start midmorning and by evening I’d often cry myself to sleep. Worried I might have something seriously wrong with me, my family told me to see a doctor.


There was nothing wrong, thank God, but the headaches continued. It was only after I quit that job that I realized my headaches had become waaaaay less frequent.


Being a massage therapist, I’m aware that our emotions can often manifest in our bodies as physical pain. Here are a few of the possible emotional diagnoses for headaches:


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You can do it. Keep that forward locomotion. Choochoo.

People are great not because of their circumstances, but in spite of them. (Tweet this)


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  1. Oh how I can relate to pain. I have had some issues with my body being in pain. I have decide to work through it and I know exercising or just walking helps. I definitely think you can dwell on pain but what’s the point. Trying to stay positive and looking towards all the good things i have have kept me on track to brighter days. I know keeping busy and motivated keeps my mind off of the pain. I will overcome my pain and know I will be happier and healthier with a can do attitude. Super blog.

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    • Z Zoccolante

      Yes, me too, as today I’m recovering from a migraine. It’s a challenge to stay positive and yet I do believe that our bodies are trying to tell us something, even if that something is to take some time to nurture ourselves. I wish you the best with your walks outdoors and dwelling on positive, happy things. :)

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