Musings on “Their Heads Came Falling Down”

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My super short story, Their Heads Came Falling Down, got chosen for publication in Rollick Magazine. You can help it win the Most Popular Post Award by leaving a comment or sharing it (from the link above) on your social media.

For my lovely podcast listeners, this week’s audio, in the blue box, contains the story only. Keep reading below for some thoughts on the story’s topic.


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All of us have experienced being put into a category. Maybe the person you were talking with at a party kept scanning the room for someone better. Maybe you’ve been the prettiest or the most popular and people want to be friends with you because of what you offer. Most of us have experienced judgment for our looks, gender, skin color, speech, bodies, clothes or décor.


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Sometimes we forget that people are more than a category, more than a network. Humans are vast and interesting creatures but we can miss out on great things when we scratch the surface, when we scan the room, or when we’re more interested in what someone offers instead of who they are.


In the Desiderata, there’s a line that talks about listening to others because each of us has a story.


Who someone is, is far more interesting than what they are because it brings the entire person into the conversation. It reminds me of a delicate spider web. Sure, the web is fascinating and contains intricate strength and beauty, but how often might we Instagram the web, not caring if the spider is absent. How often do we think of the spider at all?


Thank goodness there’s an easy solution:

Get curious!
Everyone has a story.


My super short story, Their Heads Came Falling Down, is a fun fiction connection to the above blog topic. It got chosen for publication in Rollick Magazine. Please help it win the Most Popular Post Award by leaving a comment or sharing it (from the link above) on your social media. Enjoy!


Thank you so much for listening and for reading. Have a fantastic week.
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Their Heads Came Falling Down


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  1. Avatar

    I can totally relate to this. When you are trying to connect and talk with someone and they are in another world not even looking at you and listening. You are so right that everyone has a story and even though it is not important to you it might mean the matter of life and death for this person to be heard. I believe it is so important to have friends and to try to be a friend to all. We are all so different in this world and everyone just wants to be loved and shown respect and compassion. Thank you for bringing this to light that you can be missing out on connecting to others if you aren’t willing to listen.

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    • Z Zoccolante

      It can feel like a matter of life or death to be heard. We are all trying to get our needs met with the skills we have even if they’re no longer working or if they are rude or hurtful to others. Skill learning is important. Compassion, kindness, and respect for others is vital. Thank you for your insight.

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